HCHW Project FAQs

Who Are We, Running this Campaign?

Hyderabad Council of Human Welfare (HCHW) is a registered non-profit working for almost 30 years now (Registration No. 3456 dated: November 12, 1990 under A.P public Societies Registration Act). DMR School comes under the umbrella of HCHW, which is headed by Dr. Mohammad Rafiuddin (Founder and Director of HCHW). Dr. Rafiuddin is a PhD in Social Work and has dedicated his entire life for social projects in and around Hyderabad. This campaign is being run by Dr. Mohammad Rafiuddin.

More details of HCHW on their website at URL: http://www.hchw.in

Can the Donor reach out to the Campaigner directly for more information?

Yes, you can reach out to the campaigner directly for any further information on DMR school or HCHW through either his email [email protected] or phone: +91.9963239786. Also, please feel free to visit the school during the weekdays from 9AM to 3PM.

Are the students selected from any specific religious or caste or creed background?

Strictly No. The children with underprivileged background is the only criteria to get admission to DMR school for free & quality education.

What is the medium of education and board curriculum followed in DMR School?

English is the medium of education and we follow educational framework of Telangana State board.

Is there any charges involved from GoHive?

GoHive itself does not charge any platform fee, unlike other social crowdfunding platforms. GoHive is a FREE crowdfunding platform, created to help the social causes. The donated money for this campaign gets transferred directly from the donor to HCHW account via PayPal payment gateway. The PayPal payment gateway will have a charge per transaction depending upon which country the donor is paying from.

If I pledge money without actual transaction through PayPal, how will HCHW convert that pledge into donation money?

As we compose this project, HCHW is working with PayPal India to create an account. The PayPal team takes typically about two weeks for non-profits account creation. Meantime, we are leveraging GoHive’s “Pledge” feature to take a donation pledge for now. Once the account is approved by PayPal, the GoHive team will reach out to the pledges for actual payment through PayPal.

Does HCHW have permission from Indian banks to receive foreign funds?

Yes, HCHW has permissions to receive donations in foreign currency from outside India, such as registration under FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act). You can click here for more details.

Can I get a receipt of my donation for submission to Income Tax?

Yes, HCHW will provide you a receipt which you can use for Income Tax filing in India. However, this is only restricted to donors from India. Please drop a note to [email protected] to get your donation receipt.

How have they been running DMR School all these years?

DMR School has been running all these years through donations from individuals and corporates. We has corporates, such as Tata, providing help through their CSR funds. We have also leveraged other NGOs to get funding for the school. But this year we do not have any funding from any other source. Hence we are leveraging GoHive to crowdfund the school.