Fundraising FAQs

Who owns the GoHive platform?
GoHive platform is owned and operated by GoHive Social Ventures Limited, Singapore, which is a non-profit based out of Singapore. Please read the Terms & Conditions for more details.

Is there any charge involved in using GoHive platform as a donor or project campaigner?
The key differentiator between GoHive and other social crowdfunding platforms is that GoHive is free, completely. We believe in letting the money from donor reaches to the needy without any deduction. While GoHive doesn’t charge any service fee, but payment gateways, such as PayPal, do charge a small transaction fee. You may check their respective website for details on this fee.

How does the donated money on GoHive flow from donors to campaigners?
The donated money for the campaign gets transferred directly from the donor to fundraising campaigner’s account via payment gateway, such as PayPal. GoHive do NOT touch the donated money in ANY way. We just provide the platform to enable the donation transaction, directly.

How do you verify the legitimacy of a fundraiser?
We are currently working with only registered NGOs and non-profits whose track records are verified by GoHive staff. If suspicion is raised regarding a fundraiser, we investigate by requesting supporting evidence. If we find that a fundraiser is fraudulent or illegal, the fundraiser will be removed, and the fund raised will be returned to the donors. Please read the GoHive Terms & Conditions carefully. We always recommend that you only donate to fundraisers when you feel confident about the cause and legitimacy.

Can the Donor reach out to the Campaigner directly for more information?
Yes, we strongly encourage you to reach out to the campaigner directly for any further information or clarification. For every campaign or project on GoHive, we have comments section where you can post your comments. We may also provide contact details of the Campaigners for you to reach out or arrange a visit to them.

If I pledge money without actual transaction through PayPal, how will GoHive convert that pledge into donation money?
We are leveraging GoHive’s “Pledge” feature to take a donation pledge for campaigners who do not have payment gateway account. The GoHive team, along with the campaigner, will manually reach out to the pledges for actual payment manually. We will try and minimize the trouble that the donor may go through during this manual payment process.

How have you been running GoHive operating expenses?
The founders have put in their money from their personal savings to provide a free platform for the needy and we will continue to support it that way.

I requested for a password reset but have not received the mail with the link. What do I do?
Please look for the mail in the spam or junk folder of your mail system.

Do you save credit / debit card information?
NO, we do not save any card information in our system. Please look at our privacy policy for more details.

Is it secure to transact on GoHive?
Yes, we have SSL protocol through which we connect to the payment gateways (such as PayPal or Stripe). Please refer our privacy policy for more details.

What’s the best way to reach you?
Please use the “Contact Us” menu on the top and drop a note to us. You can also send us an email at [email protected]. We promise to respond to you as soon as possible.