About Us

GoHive is the online marketplace for social crowdfunding. We strongly believe all should have faster access to finance to forward their social causes while backers should have direct access to projects that need immediate attention and which are aligned to their values.

The team at gohive is passionate about bringing a smarter finance solution to the India, facilitating connections between creators and the philantropic community, and building mutually beneficial partnerships for economic growth.


Mohammed Moizuddin

Mohammed Moizuddin has over 24 years of information technology experience, working for large organizations such as IBM: DBS India and King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals. He has over 10 years of experience in working for financial services clients or organizations in the technology space. He is an expert in successfully turning-around delivery of large & complex enterprise software application development programs, leading globally distributed agile teams of passionate techies (max team size of 850+) to deliver programs worth $400+ million, primarily in high-availability banking environment. Mohammed has driven productivity improvement & automation programs providing organizations with $31* million in cost savings, career-long. Designed strategic growth roadmaps leading to a top-line growth of over $200+ million. Awarded the top IBM global award, among a host of other awards.

Mohammed has played key leadership roles, such as Senior Vice President of Technology at DBS India and Delivery Partner for financial services clients at IBM. He has grown from a Software Engineer all the way to the leadership level and has won several awards. He has successfully lead very large globally distributed teams and is an expert in general management too,

Mohammed has done is Bachelor of Engineering in Production Engineering from Osmania University, India and Master of Science in Systems Engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia. He is a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has also done an Executive Program in FinTech from University of Oxford.

Kareem Qureshi

Kareem has over 25 years of experience in Enterprise Architecture creating IT solutions in technology, financial services, insurance, and manufacturing industries. He has been an entrepreneur working on socially responsible projects and early adopter investor for over 10 years. With the Gohive platform, Kareem hopes to bring awareness, charity alternatives, and holistic financial support to millions of needy people.

Kareem enjoys sports – he is a passionate sports fan specially cricket. He also loves to read, travel, teach, and spend time with family and friends.

Mazharuddin Syed Ahmed, PhD

Experienced Academician with a demonstrated history of working in the Architectural Engineering Program Development,

Architectural Presentation Techniques, Building Performance Data Scientist, Training and Mentoring. Skilled in BIM (Building

Information Modelling), Research Intelligence Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Mining and has a good eye for Ubiquitous, Disruptive and Wearable Technologies. Strong education professional with a doctoral research in Technology Acceptance / Mobile Learning, Data Science.  Keen interest in Evangelizing Crowd-sourcing, Data Literacy and mentoring Smart Citizens as Urban Commons.

I am a multi-skilled Building Performance Data Scientist with an extensive teaching background in Architectural Engineering, Architectural Visual Communication, Curriculum Development and Technology Evangelism. I have over 20 years of experience in teaching/training CAD/BIM design documentation, Architectural Communication, 3D-Visualization, Program Development and Student mentoring. I’m passionate as an instructor/trainer and I am adept at virtual reality, augmented reality systems, currently program lead GDipBIM at Ara and teaching Bachelor of Architecture Studies. I have always advocated the study and utilization of the latest technologies in my work. My background comprises of varied educational degrees, and a work experience that has run across continents with diverse professional skills. From my PhD research I had developed extensive experience in technology forecasting, technology acceptance, technology integration and data visualization. I am currently involved in the Building Performance Analysis Big Data of a sustainable house project which is an effort to improve post-earthquake Canterbury’s housing shortages. The project includes visualising Big Data dashboards and in developing Inferential Analytics using BIM Data Analytics and machine learning tools. I have designing a comprehensive BIM resource portal using Virtual Reality immersive learning, collaborative work integrated projects which are essential to harnessing the potential of adaptive work and life Long Learning Environment. My recent research work also involves developing a frame work to integrate structured and unstructured BIM Big Data for a Smart-City. I have also delivered many webinars and seminars in the fields of data science, data mining, data wrangling, and visualisation. I currently supervise two PhD Grad students and mentor students in developing, entrepreneurship, start-ups future skills and crowdsourcing skills.


PhD: Doctor of Philosophy (Technology Acceptance Engineering Education-2016) University of Canterbury, New Zealand

MS: Master of Science (Architectural Engineering-2000) King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

PGD: Post Graduate Diploma (Architecture-1995) Academy of Design & Architecture, India

BE: Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering-1993) Osmania University, India