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HCHW - Completely Free education program
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HCHW – Completely Free Education Program


Educational Empowerment of Poor Children who cannot afford for quality education is the prime motive of the school. However, our school is totally dependent on local charities. As the number of children is growing every year and accordingly the teachers and other educational needs, it is becoming a greater challenge day by day to manage the school and sustain its quality in the absence of committed funding. Therefore, we are approaching your generous self-seeking your support in terms of Sponsorship Support so as to sustain our efforts with regard to empowerment of poor and neglected children with education.

Project Budget:

Proposed Budget for DMR School (2020-21)
(I) Recurring Expenses
Sl. No. Particulars Unit Cost Qty Months Total (Indian Rupees) **Total(US Dollars)
1 School Principal 30000 1 11  ₹              3,30,000.00  $         
    15000 3 11  ₹              4,95,000.00  $         
2 Teachers 12000 3 11  ₹              3,96,000.00  $         
    9000 3 11  ₹              2,97,000.00  $         
    8500 2 11  ₹              1,87,000.00  $         
3 Accountant 8000 1 11  ₹                 88,000.00  $         
4 Bus Driver 15000 1 11  ₹              1,65,000.00  $         
5 Bus cum School Attender 8500 1 11  ₹                 93,500.00  $         
6 Aaya cum Bus Attender 8000 1 11  ₹                 88,000.00  $         
7 Watchman 9000 1 11  ₹                 99,000.00  $         
8 Fuel Expenses (Fuel cost for
providing transport facility to children @ Rs.1300/- per day for 25 days
32500 1 11  ₹              3,57,500.00  $         
Sub Total (I) ₹ 25,96,000.00 $ 37,623.19
(II) Non – Recurring Expenses
1 Text Books, & Notebooks for 400
1300 400 1  ₹              5,20,000.00  $         
2 Uniforms, Shoes, (1 Pair) 700 400 1  ₹              2,80,000.00  $         
3 Bags 400 400 1  ₹              1,60,000.00  $         
4 Stationery 110 400 1  ₹                 44,000.00  $            
Sub Total (II) ₹ 10,04,000.00 $ 14,550.72
 (I) Total Recurring Cost ₹ 25,96,000.00 $ 37,623.19
 (II) Total Non- Recurring Cost ₹ 10,04,000.00 $ 14,550.72
Grand Total ₹       36,00,000.00 $     54,521.74

(** Conversion rate is 1 USD = INR 69.00)

We earnestly request to come forward and take the responsibility of supporting as many children as possible so as to strengthen our efforts towards empowerment of poor and neglected children with education. The Cost of providing quality education to a single child is INR. 9,000/- per annum (USD 130.43 excluding the payment gateway charges) that includes providing text books, note books, bags, uniform, shoe, stationery etc along with payment of salary to teaching and non-teaching staff of the School.

The Background of HCHW:         

Hyderabad Council of Human Welfare (HCHW)
is a registered secular non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of poor and downtrodden. Established on 2nd October,1990 by Dr. Mohammed Rafiuddin (a young qualified and trained Social Work Professional) to support children deprived of education and the joys of childhood, HCHW has evolved into a vibrant organization that addresses a gamut of issues including Child Rights, Education, Health, HIV/AIDS, Skill Building, Livelihoods etc. The organization operates across the state of Telangana through it’s wide network.

attempts at empowering individuals, families and communities by building their resilience to cope up with their situations and live a dignified life enjoying their rights and entitlements. We work with neglected children (living on streets and in other difficult circumstances) and marginalized urban and rural populations. We have reached out to more than 1,26,575 as on 31 March 2017. 

Renowned national and international organizations including, Tech Mahindra Foundation, novib, WERELDKINDEREN, CRY, International Labour Organization, and International Organization for Migration, Family Health International, Clinton Foundation, UNICEF, ESCO and many others along with the local government have partnered and partnering to support its various initiatives.

Type of Registration Registration Number Date of Registration
Societies Registration 3456 12-11-1990
PAN Number AAATH2316N  
FCRA Registration 010230311 14-11-1994 (Renewal Valid up to
12A II/12A80G/64/91-92 15-11-1994
80G F.no.DIT(E)/ Hyd/80G/

The Beginning of our School:

It is believed that engaging and imparting education to children is the best option to address the issues of protection, well-being and safeguarding their rights. We believe that education is the non-negotiable right of every child. Education is in fact the only ladder for the growth sand prosperity of human beings. It is also one of the best mechanisms to ensure the protection of children while
the parents are at work during the day time. Our efforts in this regard initiated five years back when we started counselling of parents and encouraging enrollment of children in schools through our sponsorship support for the cost of education

Hyderabad Council of Human Welfare started the full-fledged school in July 2013 to provide free and quality education to children from poor or disadvantaged families basically to prevent them from getting into labour and/or on streets. The school offers CBSE and SSC combined education to the students. The timings of the school are from 09.00 am to 04.00 pm. The strength of our school for academic year (2019-20) is 373. Every year a grade is being added to the school. The school was upto 1st standard in 2013 and today it has grown till VIII standard. The school is recognized by the Government of Telangana State.

Description of our School:

The purpose of our School is two folded. While the focus is on educational mainstreaming of these children, the underlying concern is also the protection and safety of children in their neighbourhoods in the absence of parents in the vicinity. The life of children would be much more horrible if in case they are pushed for labour by their parents or if the children run away from home and start living on their own on streets. Thus, we are addressing the overall issues of child rights focused upon, education, health and protection issues.

The project is primarily concerned with the protection of children in the absence of parents when they go off for work. At the same the project intends to prevent the growing number of children on streets and into labour. The School is considered as the platform to ensure that the children are in a safe environment and at the same time imparted with education and other skills
that overall empowers them and their family thus ensuring education of children.


  • All children studying in the school are from poor social-economic background, living in the slums situated in and around Mehdipatnam covering a radius of 10 to 15 Kms.
  • Majority of children are from families where both parents are daily wage workers with no guarantee of work for the whole of the year. Indeed, this is the major factor affecting their overall living standards.
  • Almost half of the families fall under below poverty line while majority of them do not earn basic minimum wages.
  • A vast majority of (almost 98%) families are illiterates and these children are the first generation to attend school. The children and their families are affected by extreme poverty and lack of consistency in income.
  • They are living in extreme poor housing and sanitary conditions and lag far behind in terms of house hold possessions and social entitlements.
  • The life of children would be much more horrible if in case they are pushed for labour by their parents or if the children run away from home and start living on their own on streets.
  • The children are also exposed to the risk of human trafficking for the purpose of labour and other reasons.
  • It is very clear that they can neither afford for arranging transport facilities on their own nor they can think of dropping and picking up children from school as they are all daily wage labourers who usually start early in the morning for their work and return back late in the evening.
  • The competition in the market is so strong that they would miss the opportunity for the day even if they are delayed by few minutes or seconds and will ultimately results in losing the wage for that day.
  • Thus, we are addressing the overall issues of child rights focused upon, education, health and protection issues.
DMR School Strength (2019-20)
Sl. No. Class No. of Girls No. of Boys No. of Students
1 LKG 14 16 30
2 UKG 19 26 45
3 1st Class 32 27 59
4 2nd Class 20 29 49
5 3rd Class 20 24 44
6 4th Class 27 21 48
7 5th Class 27 18 45
8 6th Class 9 10 19
9 7th Class 10 4 14
10 8th Class 10 10 20
Total 188 185 373

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